Emmanuel Twumasi Osei

Assistant Professor

Other Titles: Associate Member, Center for Heart Lung Innovation, UBC
Office: SCI 217
Email: emmanuel.osei@ubc.ca

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Establishing 3D bioartificial models to aid in understanding how abnormal multicellular and multiorgan interactions contribute to lung diseases.

Courses & Teaching

Biol 363, Developmental Biology




PhD, University of British Columbia and University of Groningen
MSc, Cranfield University
BSc, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Research Interests & Projects

  1. Immune cell-epithelial-mesenchymal interactions in Lung diseases
  2. 3D bioprinting
  3. Lung-on-a-chip models
  4. Co-cultures
  5. Mechano-relevant 3D in vitro lung models

Selected Publications & Presentations

  1. Hackett T.L. and  Osei E.T. (2021) Modeling Extracellular Matrix-Cell Interactions in Lung Repair and Chronic Disease. MDPI Cells 10(8), 2145.
  2. Mostaco-Guidolin L., Loube J., Barlow A., Osei E.T., Vasilescu M.D., Hsieh A., AL-Fouadi M., Soctt A., Mitzner W. and Hackett T.L. (2021) Second Harmonic Generation Imaging of collagen within alveolar ducts in cleared emphysematous mouse lungs. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 155(2):279-289.
  3. Sutherland D.P., Vasilescu D.M., Osei E.T, Coxson N.E., Yang C.X., Booth S., Coxson H.O., Elliot W.M., Paré P.D., Hogg J.C, and Hackett T.L. (2021) A Lung tissue biobank with associated clinical data supporting respiratory research for four decades. Canadian Journal of Respiratory, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine DOI: 10.1080/24745332.2021.1878007.
  4. Osei E.T. and Hackett T.L. (2020). Epithelial-Mesenchymal crosstalk in COPD: An update from in vitro model studies. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 125: 105775.
  5. Osei ET, Booth S, Hackett T-L. (2020). What have in vitro co-culture models taught us about the contribution of epithelial-mesenchymal interactions to airway inflammation and remodeling in asthma?. MDPI Cells. 9(7): 1694.
  6. Osei E.T., Mostaço-Guidolin L.B., Aileen H., Mary W., Warner S., AL-Fouadi M., Cole D.J., Maksym G.N.,Timens W., Hallstrand T., Brandsma C.A., Heijink I.H., and Hackett T.L. (2020). Epithelial-interleukin-1 inhibits collagen formation by airway fibroblasts: Implications for asthma. Scientific Reports, 10(0): 8721.
  7. Barlow M.A., Mostaço-Guidolin L.B., Osei, E.T., Booth, S. and Hackett, T.-L. (2020). Super resolution measurement of collagen fibers in biological samples: Validation of a commercial solution for multiphoton microscopy. PLOS ONE. 15(2): e0229278.
  8. Osei E.T, Brandsma C-A, Timens W, Heijink I.H. and Hackett T-L. (2019). Current perspectives on the role of Interleukin-1 signaling in the pathogenesis of asthma and COPD. European Respiratory Journal, 55: 1900563.
  9. Mostaco-Guidolin L.B*, Osei E.T.*, Ullah J., Hajimohammadi S., Li X., Li V., AL-Fouadi M., Yang Y., Shaheen, F., Chu F., Cole D.J., Brandsma C-A., Heijink I.H., Maksym G.N., Walker D. and Hackett TL  (2019). Defective fibrillar collagen organization by fibroblasts contributes to airway remodeling in asthma. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 200(4): 431-443. (*Co-first Author).
  10. Osei E.T. (2018). De rol van epitheel-fibroblast communicatie in astma en COPD.Nederlands Tijdschriftvoor Allergie & Astma (NTvAA). 18: 91-93.
  11. Osei E.T., Florez-Sampedro L, Tasena H, Faiz A, Noordhoek JA, Timens W, Postma DS, Hackett TL, Heijink IH, Brandsma CA. (2017). miR-146a-5p plays an essential role in the aberrant epithelial-fibroblast cross-talk in COPD. European Respiratory Journal,. 49(5): 1-11.
  12. Osei E.T., Noordhoek J.A., Hackett T.L., Spanjer A.I.R., Postma S.D., Timens, W., Brandsma C-A andHeijink I.H. (2016). Interleukin-1a drives the dysfunctional cross-talk of the airway epithelium and lung fibroblasts in COPD. European Respiratory Journal. 48(2): 359-369.
  13. Osei E.T., Florez-Sampedro L., Timens W., Postma S.D., Heijink I.H. and Brandsma C-A. (2015). Unravelling the complexity Of COPD by microRNAs; it’s a small world after all. European Respiratory Journal. 46(3): 807 – 818.
  14. Osei E. T., Fouadi M., Usman K.,   Yang C., Hackett. TL. (2021). Reticular Basement Membrane Proteins in the Airways of Asthmatics Modulates Basal Airway EpithelialAttachment and Barrier Formation. Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 20211;203:A4491.

Selected Grants & Awards

  • American Thoracic Society, Dr. Stuart J Hirst award for outstanding Scientific Achievement – 2020
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee Fellowship – 2019
  • MITACS Accelerate Fellowship – 2019
  •  James Hogg Outstanding Young Investigator Award, Center for Heart Lung Innovation, UBC – 2017
  • Netherlands Respiratory Society and Sticting Astma Bestrijding/Asthma Foundation (SAB) Best Research Award  – 2017
  • The Cornelis Van Breemen Outstanding Young Investigator Award, Center for Heart Lung Innovation, UBC – 2016
  • Program Director’s Prize, MSc Medical Diagnostics, Cranfield University – 2012
  • International Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, Cranfield University – 2010

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

  • Member, Canadian Black Scientist Network
  • Member, American Thoracic Society (ATS)
  • Member, Assemby of Respiratory Structure Function Early Career Professionals Working Group – ATS
  • Member, European Respiratory Society
  • Member, Canadian Thoracic Society
  • Member, Allergen Students and New Professionals Network (ASNPN)
  • Member, Netherlands Respiratory Society



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