Tanja Voegel

Research Associate

Other Titles: Let’s Talk Science Outreach Coordinator
Office: SCI 103
Phone: 250.807.9965
Email: tanja.voegel@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Effect of irrigation and fertilization management practices on abundance and activity of nitrifying and dentrifying microbial populations in woody perennial cropping systems and how changes in abundance and activity of nitrogen cycle microbial populations relate to the emission of greenhouse gas nitrous oxide.


Diplom-Biologin University of Freiburg, Dr. rer. nat. University of Freiburg/University of California

Research Interests & Projects

  1. Crown gall of grapevines: Identification of a biocontrol and sustainable management strategies
  2. Agro-thermal heat treatment of grapevines in the Okanagan valley
  3. Understanding the impact of irrigation on soil C and N storage, and associated greenhouse gas emissions, at a regional scale


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