Nathan Earley, first Biology TA Teaching Excellence Award Recipient

Nathan EarleyThe Department of Biology is pleased to announce that Biology’s first-ever TA award for Teaching Excellence recipient is Nathan Earley, an M.Sc. student who was a teaching assistant this past year in BIOL306 (the Ecology of Animals, with Adam Ford) and BIOL308 (Population Biology, with Bob Lalonde). Nathan also has experience as a Naturalist with several groups, including Ontario Parks.

This was Nathan’s first year as a TA, and in his teaching statement, he said the following about the experience “Reflecting on my first bout of formal teaching, I am startled at how fulfilling the experience has been. I cherish working with students, hearing how they understand the theory, filling the gaps where needed, and celebrating the field with a group of young scientists whose potential knows no bounds. I have found that my understanding of these topics has flourished as a result of spending such concentrated time committed to improving learning outcomes for the students.”

Congratulations to Nathan, and thank you to both our adjudication committee, and to those that took the time to apply!